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6 Best Email Security Tools Protection Services

Detecting threats to emails requires more than just having a spam-blocking system. Threat vectors are launched from particular angles at once, and hackers have developed packages of malware, each performing a functional task to provide towards the corruption of your email system.

  • Peer-to-peer and end-to-end email encryption.
  • Automatic protection of emails from being read or modified.
  • Seamless use on your laptop, desktop, tablet, and mobile with PEP sync.
  • Protection rating at a glance using traffic lights.
  • Free and open source software.

Emails are a vital source of data, and they can be used by malware to send out stolen data. Blocking attacks against you requires multiple email protection strategies. It can seem like a complicated task, and very few email protection services on the market can satisfactorily fulfill all requirements.

  • Automatically blocks links it considers to be unsafe, which protects from emails even when they look genuine.
  • The reporting and logging on offer are reliable, bring you insights into your email security.
  • Active spam filtering, which will ensure you only get the emails you want in your inbox.
  • Data loss protection, with methods that ensure your emails, are protected with encryption.

Luckily, there are several great email protection systems out there, and we reviewed all of them. Companies are not identical, and with various email options and the requirements to protect an email can’t have in a one-size-fits-all strategy. We crafted a list of email protection solutions that will help you to protect your business according to your needs.

Proofpoint— это американская компания, деятельность которой в основном направлена как раз на разработку решений почтовой безопасности. Один из ее флагманских продуктов — облачное решение Proofpoint Email Protection. Оно предлагает средства защиты от фишинговых писем и пересылаемых вредоносных файлов, блокировку спама и подозрительных ссылок, а также защиту от почтовых вирусов. При работе со входящей и исходящей почтой используются гибкие политики. Они дают возможность применять несколько уровней правил: глобальные, групповые и пользовательские, что позволяет удобно настраивать работу системы.

По функциональности эти решения предлагают стандартный набор из комплексной защиты входящих и исходящих сообщений, блокировки спама, защиты от фишинга, шифрования почты, защиты от потери данных, набора политик для фильтрации писем и т. д. В продукте есть модуль Capture Advanced Threat Protection service, который позволяет эффективно бороться с угрозами нулевого дня. Ас фишинговыми угрозами SonicWALL Email Security справляется при помощи эвристического анализа, машинного обучения, анализа контента и репутации отправителя.

Symantec Email также умеет защищать и шифровать пересылаемые данные при помощи набора специальных политик, что помогает снизить риск утечки информации. Технология защиты данных анализирует различные компоненты электронной почты, в том числе текст сообщения, заголовки, содержимое документов Microsoft Office и PDF, встроенных в сообщение или отправленных в виде вложения.

Решение компании Barracuda — это мощный и функциональный инструмент для мониторинга всей входящей и исходящей почты организации. Barracuda Email Security Gateway поставляется в виде как аппаратного, так и виртуального решения, а также в качестве облачного сервиса на платформе Amazon Web Services или MS Azure. Продукт защищает от атак, вирусов, DoS-атак и утечек конфиденциальных данных через письма. Он позволяет шифровать сообщения и использовать облако для отправки электронной почты. Это может пригодиться, если почтовые серверы становятся недоступными в результате атаки или поломки.

Этот облачный сервис предлагает полный спектр защиты электронной почты от всех видов современных угроз. Проходя через облака службы, письма проверяются на пяти уровнях: это поведенческий анализ, проверка репутации, содержимого, сканирование антивирусом и применение пользовательских настроек. В последнем случае это может быть работа с белыми и черными списками, блокировка любого заданного контента и т. д.

Email Protection 101: What You Need to Know About Secure Communication

Email encryption is a standard cybersecurity concept that entails assigning each user both a public and private key. This will create end-to-end encryption, which means that every message that is sent will become a jumbled version of itself that only the people involved in the communication can decipher. Popular email services such as Gmail or Outlook allow users to enable this feature, which is why I recommend looking into it for your enterprise if you haven’t done so already.

The aforementioned Verizon report uncovered that 60% of hackers using social engineering-based phishing tactics are looking for login credentials that they can then sell or exploit for their gain. In correlation, 50% of them are also after personally identifiable information (PII). As you may already know by now, PII is a goldmine for cybercriminals, and they can use it against your company in a multitude of nefarious ways.

The traditional email protection layer of login security mainly deals with strong credentials. Electronic communications should always be protected by robust passwords that consist of alphanumeric characters and cannot be guessed randomly. Another aspect to consider here is that of password cycling, as opposed to password recycling. This means that, besides changing passwords on the regular, your employees should always choose ones that have never been used before.

Unfortunately, people still fall for clever social engineering nowadays. A study published in 2022 in the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies consisted of sending phishing emails to a total of 62,000 corporate user accounts over six weeks. Results have shown that the more authority and urgency a message instill, the more likely is an employee to comply with its request without verifying its authenticity first. Consequently, 24,758 users clicked on the potentially malicious links.

To add insult to injury, the number of phishing attacks on organizations did nothing but increase since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Statistics released by NetSTAR have shown that incidents rose by as much as 600% in certain industries where employees were more likely to fall prey to Coronavirus-related scams.

Email Protection

Поставьте галочку у опции Регистрируемый домен это псевдоним, если настраиваемый домен является алиасом существующего домена, который уже настроен в платформе. В поле Имя укажите название защищаемого домена (например, «»). Укажите контактный адрес почты для получения уведомлений об этом домене (например, уведомлений о процессе синхронизации пользователей или достижении доменом максимально доступного числа лицензий).

После того как все данные были правильно введены, нажмите кнопку Проверить. Система проверит, могут ли облачные серверы Panda Security подключиться к указанным хосту и порту, а также корректны ли указанные регистрационные данные. Если возникает ошибка, пожалуйста, еще раз проверьте, разрешено ли соединение от облачных серверов Panda Security к Вашей инфраструктуре, и корректны ли регистрационные данные пользователя.

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Рекомендуется настроить стартовую точку как можно ближе к корню дерева организации, чтобы решение смогло найти всех пользователей вне зависимости от подразделения организации, в котором они настроены. Основное уникальное имя может быть получено из CN пользователя, созданного для LDAP-запросов. При настройке Active Directory, как правило, оно совпадает с той частью CN пользователя, что начинается с DC. В нашем примере это будет: DC=dctest,DC=local

мы рассказывали про основные проблемы и потребности предприятий, связанные с обеспечением безопасности электронной почты, а также общие преимущества и недостатки SaaS-решений по защите корпоративной почты. Собственно говоря, мы попытались ответить на вопрос «зачем». Указанные здесь MX-записи могут отличаться в зависимости от Вашей конфигурации. Проверьте Ваши текущие MX-записи сервиса, для чего перейдите в Руководства -> Информация о настройках. Проверьте этот раздел до того, как сделаете какие-либо изменения в DNS.

Panda Email Protection предоставляет доступ к веб-консоли централизованного управления с интуитивно понятным и простым интерфейсом (включая поддержку русского языка), который позволяет администраторам достаточно быстро настроить защиту корпоративной электронной почты.

Для доставки безопасной электронной почты и организации ее беспрерывной работы прекрасно может использоваться облачная модель, известная как SaaS (Software as a Service, хотя в нашем контексте мы часто расшифровываем эту аббревиатуру как Security as a Service, т.е. Безопасность как услуга).

Использование локальных почтовых серверов в средних и крупных компаниях вполне обоснованно по многим соображениям. Но при таком «локальном» подходе предполагаются существенные расходы (временные, финансовые, кадровые и пр.) на решение вопросов, связанных с обеспечением безопасности электронной почты.

• т.к. вредоносный и нежелательный почтовый трафик не достигает корпоративной сети (помните про 85%?), то и в целом существенно сокращается входящий почтовый трафик. Это существенно снижает нагрузку как на канал связи, так и непосредственно на почтовые серверы. В результате, быстрее работает Интернет и значительно быстрее работают почтовые серверы.

Непрерывность работы почты
Существенное преимущество SaaS-решений, которое прямо влияет на эффективность работы компании и ее конкурентоспособность. Ведь даже если произойдет какой-либо сбой на почтовом сервере (на час, на сутки, на пару дней) и он станет недоступным, то вся входящая почта не пропадет и не будет отправлена назад. Она будет доступна через опцию онлайн-почты. В этом случае сотрудники предприятия смогут работать через онлайн-почту, получая и отправляя письма. Потом, после решения проблем с почтовым сервером, вся почта будет на него доставлена.

Solutions that offer playbooks to automatically investigate alerts, analyze the threat, assess the impact, and take (or recommend) actions for remediations are critical for effective and efficient response. In addition, security teams need a rich investigation and hunting experience to easily search the email corpus for specific indicators of compromise or other entities. Ensure that the solution allows security teams to hunt for threats and remove them easily.
Another critical component of effective response is ensuring that security teams have a good strong signal source into what end users are seeing coming through to their inbox. Having an effortless way for end users to report issues that automatically trigger security playbooks is key.

As security solutions evolve, bad actors quickly adapt their methodologies to go undetected. Polymorphic attacks designed to evade common protection solutions are becoming increasingly common. Organizations therefore need solutions that focus on zero-day and targeted attacks in addition to known vectors. Purely standards based or known signature and reputation-based checks will not cut it.

Solutions that include rich detonation capabilities for files and URLs are necessary to catch payload-based attacks. Advanced machine learning models that look at the content and headers of emails as well as sending patterns and communication graphs are important to thwart a wide range of attack vectors including payload-less vectors such as business email compromise. Machine learning capabilities are greatly enhanced when the signal source feeding it is broad and rich; so, solutions that boast of a massive security signal base should be preferred. This also allows the solution to learn and adapt to changing attack strategies quickly which is especially important for a rapidly changing threat landscape.

Solutions that protect emails (external and internal emails) and offer value without needing complicated configurations or emails flows are a great benefit to organizations. In addition, look for solutions that offer easy ways to bridge the gap between the security teams and the messaging teams. Messaging teams, motivated by the desire to guarantee mail delivery, might create overly permissive bypass rules that impact security. The sooner these issues are caught the better for overall security. Solutions that offer insights to the security teams when this happens can greatly reduce the time taken to rectify such flaws thereby reducing the chances of a costly breach

No solution is 100% effective on the prevention vector because attackers are always changing their techniques. Be skeptical of any claims that suggest otherwise. Taking an ‘assume breach’ mentality will ensure that the focus is not only on prevention, but on efficient detection and response as well. When an attack does go through the defenses it is important for security teams to quickly detect the breach, comprehensively identify any potential impact and effectively remediate the threat.

15 most secure Email providers to use in 2022

  • Email Encryption – Before switching to a provider, ensure that the emails are end-to-end encrypted, including attachments.
  • Jurisdiction – You should be aware of the service’s location and where it stores your data. These things directly affect user privacy.
  • Security and Privacy – Make sure you know the provider’s security standards and policies regarding your data. That is, whether or not it logs your data, why, how, and for how long it stores it.
  • Features – Look for some essential features such as calendars,inbox search, contacts, and file storage. A secure email provider should also support DAV services and collaboration tools.
  • PGP Support – Some services support PGP, while some don’t use PGP due to the vulnerabilities. It is recommended to go with a PGP-supported secure email provider.
  • Key Feature – Check if you can import existing contacts and emails. There is no harm in compromising this essential feature for security. But if you get both (email security plus essential features) with one provider, that is an excellent win for you.
  • Email Apps – Most email services, due to encryption, won’t be used with third-party email clients. Yet, some offer dedicated apps; prefer such services.
  • Subject, headers, body, metadata, and attachments, everything is encrypted.
  • Mail, attachments, calendar, and contacts are encrypted with OpenPGP on secure servers in Germany.
  • Completely open-source.
  • Supports anonymous payment (in cash).
  • Strong commitment to the protection of privacy, sustainable energy, and other social initiatives.
  • Self-funded; good results.
  • Maximum confidentiality: no logs, deletion of the IP address, secure storage with daily backups.
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Posteo doesn’t have a free account, but its entry-level plan offers you 2 GB of email storage for € 1 per month. If you need more email storage, you can add an extra gigabyte for € 0.25 per month, up to a limit of 20 GB.

Posteo goes beyond most email services to protect the privacy of its users by automatically removing IP addresses from emails. So anyone monitoring your email traffic can neither see the location from which you sent an email nor the sender’s location when you receive one.

  • Supports IMAP.
  • Does not keep IP address logs.
  • Includes an integrated password manager (called Safebox).
  • All emails and attachments stored encrypted on secure servers (and without logbooks) in Sweden.
  • Compatibility with custom domains.
  • Message filter and autoresponder functions.

The Top 11 Email Security Gateways

Avanan is an innovative cloud-based email security solution, with a full threat protection suite for Office 365 and Google Workspace (formerly GSuite). Avanan’s platform protects businesses from sophisticated email attacks like phishing, malware, account compromise and data loss. Unlike traditional secure email gateway solutions, Avanan sits inside the email environment, and is deployed in just a few minutes, without requiring any MX record changes. This API based integration allows Avanan to analyze all historical emails, enabling it to accurately detect user impersonation and email fraud.

Email security should be a top priority for your company. Email is the number one target used by hackers to get access to your company’s private data, and email attacks such as phishing and business email compromise are on the rise. Your first line of defence should be an Email Security Gateway, a platform which guards your emails against hackers, spam and viruses.

However, despite these features Office 365’s functionality, especially in terms of spam filtering, admin features and phishing protection, is not as developed as the other third party solutions that we cover on this list. Microsoft Defender is a popular choice with customers, as a comprehensive solution, that works directly with Office 365.

SpamTitan is an accessible and easy to manage platform, with a comprehensive SEG feature set. The service is simple to use, and easy to deploy, easily integrating with existing email systems. SpamTitan works well as an extra layer of security for Office 365 accounts, providing enhanced threat protection and reporting for Office 365 email users. This protection is backed by their responsive and knowledge technical support team. SpamTitan is popular with customers, who praise the service for its ease of deployment, cost-effective pricing and high-quality technical support. We recommend SpamTitan as an easy to manage email security solution for SMBs, enterprises, MSPs and resellers.

Proofpoint is a market leading email security gateway, and the world’s largest email security vendor, with annual revenues of over $1bn. Proofpoint Essentials is Proofpoint’s solution for small and mid-sized organizations. Essentials is a strong solution for email protection, encryption, archiving and continuity, delivered as a single platform, with a single admin console. Proofpoint have an unparalleled visibility into email threats with their global threat intelligence platform that spans email, social and mobile. Other vendors rely on third party threat intelligence, which can be less accurate. Proofpoint collect and analyse more than 100 billion data points a day from more than 100 million email boxes, 200 million social-media accounts, and 7 million mobile apps. Proofpoint secure more than 50% of the Fortune 100, the top 5 banks globally and 7 of the top 10 global retailers.

Symantec Mail Security is the best Email Security Software tool for Windows. This tool offers real-time email protection and helps to block all sorts of malware, attacks, and threats. Most of the organizations use this tool for securing emails and networks.

Create and manage DLP policies. You create and manage DLP policies on the Data loss prevention page in the Microsoft 365 Compliance center. You can use a rule to meet a specific protection requirement, and then use a DLP policy to group together common protection requirements, such as all of the rules needed to comply with a specific regulation.

Find and compare top Email Archiving software on Capterra, with our free and interactive tool. Quickly browse through hundreds of Email Archiving tools and systems and narrow down your top choices. Filter by popular features, pricing options, number of users, and read reviews from real users and find a tool that fits your needs.

Introducing Email Protection: The easy way to block email trackers and hide your address Filed under DuckDuckGo News on 20 Jul 2022. DuckDuckGo is launching Email Protection into beta, a new feature in our apps that will protect your email privacy without switching email services. Join the private waitlist!

Email Protection Transforming email security with the most effective cloud-based solution on the market. We are proud partners with Mimecast, offering Mimecast’s Advanced Email Security with Targeted Threat Protection to protect your inbox from malware, spam, phishing, impersonation and targeted attacks.

The Top 11 Email Security Gateways

SpamTitan provides strong threat protection against both inbound and outbound email threats. The platform provides multi-layered threat protection for inbound emails, with CEO Impersonation protection, phishing and protection, URL analysis, attachment sandboxing, ransomware protection, SPF/DKIM/DMARC checking and encryption. SpamTitan prevents phishing and whaling attacks by scanning inbound emails in real time, providing a strong level of inbox protection. Alongside inbound email, SpamTitan allows admins to set up powerful data leak prevention rules which help to stop outbound email data loss. SpamTitan allows admins to easily configure their threat protection policies, including the ability to set allow/deny lists, customize DLP rules and set policies by user, domain and domain group.

Barracuda Essentials offers a host of other services bundled with its email security. This includes an archiving solution, as well as encryption and backup. This range of features makes it easy to recommend this service to a smaller company or MSP looking for an all in one solution.

Avanan provides multi-layered threat protection to protect emails inside the email inbox. As Avanan sits within the email environment, it can secure inbound, outbound and internal emails. Avanan uses machine learning to identify zero-day phishing attacks, using over 300 indicators of compromise – including time of sending, location and domain – to flag suspicious emails. Avanan also uses machine leaning algorithms to detect business email compromise, by flagging logins across multiple countries and alerting admins to unusual behaviours that point to accounts being taken over.

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Cisco have created a strong email secure gateway which offers strong defense against business email compromise and phishing attacks. Their research team looking at email threats is huge, ensuring you will always have access to cutting-edge threat protection. Cisco’s platform offers good protection against business email compromise and ransomware. This is due to a feature which automatically blocks links it deems to be unsafe, which protects you from emails even when they look genuine. This platform provides a range of admin features, which are customizable. The reporting and logging on offer are strong, bring you insights into your email security.

Avanan also provides enhanced malware protection for emails. This includes protection against harmful attachments and URLs, with advanced reporting for all inbound, outbound and internal emails. From inside the email network, Avanan provides real-time and historical visibility into all users and email threats. Avanan is a strong solution for Office 365 and Google Workspace users looking for powerful protection against phishing, spear-phishing and account compromise.

Barracuda Sentinel, one of the products included in the bundle, uses a powerful AI engine to detect advanced threats, including targeted spear phishing attacks and account takeover. Barracuda PhishLine, another included product, offers email protection training in the form of a spear phishing simulation platform. With this tool, you can learn to identify email threats, even on devices outside corporate email gateways. Lastly, Barracuda Forensics and Incident Response automates incident response operations, proposing remediation options so you can manage attacks rapidly and effectively.

Because email protection cannot be achieved without effective email monitoring capabilities, SAM is a valuable addition to any IT monitoring solution. The level of insight this tool provides is unrivaled, affording you rare visibility into your email servers capable of directly informing the actions you take to protect them. You can try a fully functional free trial of SAM for 30 days.

SAM is a great tool for investigating potential email issues. It enables you to drill down into key information, search for users, and troubleshoot user problems in Exchange. You can view the size and number of mailbox attachments, patterns in sent and received emails, and synchronized devices, which can assist with the identification of spam issues associated with a user’s account.

But finding the best email protection software isn’t easy. The IT security software market has become increasingly saturated, with every email protection program claiming to be the best. I’ve created this list of the best available email protection software to help you choose between the biggest players in email data protection.

As soon as a leak is identified, Identity Monitor notifies you, so you can take immediate action. This might include interrogating recent logins or resetting passwords. You can also force password resets for impacted accounts. The program gives you recommendations to keep your team informed on email protection best practices, like maintaining a password manager and using unique credentials.


  • Emails are locked with a unique key that is stored on your device.
  • It utilizes a signal protocol library to protect your security and privacy.
  • You can undo sent mails within one hour.
  • Criptext provides real time email tracking facility.


  • You can easily encrypt and decrypt emails.
  • This app encrypts all messages using PGP, S/MIME (Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions).
  • It supports automatic digital signing.
  • You can set rules for encryption of email traffic.
  • Hornetsecurity enables you to define if the recipient key is not available.
  • It automatically updates the latest version of the service.

Mailfence is one of the best free secure email service that provides OpenPGP based digital signatures and end-to-end encryption. This free anonymous email account allows you to configure emails using IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) or POPS (Post Office Protocol Secure).


  • Librem secure email address allows you to communicate with anybody inside or outside the domain.
  • This private email service deletes unencrypted emails automatically after 30 days.
  • You can use Librem Mail on any device.

Here is a step by step process on how to send an anonymous email:

  • Step 1) Visit any of the Anonymous email provider services from the above-given list
  • Step 2) Sign up on the platform and choose a plan
  • Step 3) Now, create an email message as your regular email
  • Step 4) Add attachments if any
  • Step 5) Specify the recipient and send the email
  • Step 6) Your email will be secured and encrypted such that hacker, spammers, or even your service provider won’t be able to see your message
  • End-to-end encryption of emails and metadata
  • At rest, all of the following email elements are encrypted: email body, subject line, attachments, sender address, recipient address
  • Anonymous registration with only username and password
  • No IP logs
  • Offshore servers (Poland)
  • Cryptocurrency payments supported
  • TOR support (Onion address is cyberfear4hlcsac.onion)
  • Disposable aliases
  • Custom domains supported
  • No external scripts nor captchas
  • 2 factor authentication option
  • PGP support
  • Sending encrypted emails outside (will require password to decrypt)
  • Option to host CyberFear frontend on your own computer
  • Push notifications
  • Open source frontend (and backend coming soon)

While CounterMail is a bit more expensive than some other secure email providers, they explain this price difference comes from using only high-quality servers and implementing strong security measures. It may not have all the frills, but CounterMail is a serious security-focused email provider with a 10+ year track record.

While Tutanota uses high encryption standards and is arguably one of the most secure email providers anywhere, it also comes with some tradeoffs. This includes no support for PGP, IMAP, POP, or SMTP. Additionally, you cannot import existing emails into your encrypted Tutanota inbox.

Sven Taylor is the founder of RestorePrivacy. With a passion for digital privacy and online freedom, he created this website to provide you with honest, useful, and up-to-date information about online privacy, security, and related topics. His focus is on privacy research, writing guides, testing privacy tools, and website admin.

Another Germany-based secure email provider worth considering is Not only does it protect your email with top-end security protocols, is a full-featured email and productivity suite, similar to Office 365. It offers a huge lineup of features: Mail, Calendar, Address Book, Drive (cloud storage), Tasks, Portal, Text, Spreadsheet, Presentation, and Webchat. Despite all the features, the layout and design of still manages to be user-friendly.